Network Mapper (NMAP)



What is NMAP ?

Network Mapper is a utility for network exploration or security auditing. (don’t worry .. it’s free and open source πŸ™‚ ) . NMAP features include :

  • Security scanner for network exploration & hacking
  • It used to discover computers and services on a computer network
  • examples :> port scanning (enumerating the open ports), host discovery (identifying computers on a network, operating system detection (determining the operating system and some hardware characteristic of network devices)

How does NMAP work ?

NMAP runs in all major computer operating systems (console or graphical versions). NMAP uses raw IP Packets to determine what host are available on the network, what services (application name and version) those host offering, what operating systems they are running.

For experiment, I used NMAP to scan my own computer. Very simple … just type : nmap -O localhost (but ..first, make sure that NMAP has installed in your computer) and the result …..

Port scanning in my own computer

Port scanning in my own computer

There are three services that opened : HTTP, IPP MySQL and also information about Operating system that used (Linux 2.6) .

NMAP Graphical version ( experiment : port scanning against another computer)




NMAP useful for a network administrator , doing tasks such as monitoring host or service uptime, network inventory, and managing service upgrade schedule . So, NMAP – what a useful utility πŸ™‚

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